• Written design briefs were due
  • Gave everyone info on how to watch their pitches from last week
  • From the readings (They all laughed, 11&12)
    • There are often wide gaps between concept and execution (Xerox)
    • Xerox was dependent on various uncontrolable factors: cheap paper, etc.
    • Carson, Edison and others succeeded for being systems thinkers
    • Often the pitchee was thinking linearly, not about the system
    • The people who rejected new ideas were satisfied with the status quo

The rest of the class time was used doing different group brainstorming exercises.

  • We started with a short list of what’s different when working in groups vs. solo
  • Groups: people’s egos, history between people (good and bad), can be fun, but sometimes people dominate the floor or spread their negative vibe.
  • Basic brainstorming
    • We did a basic game where each team had one designated facilitator and scribe, whose jobs were to prevent the bad aspects of group work, and enable the good.
    • Teams competed: team with most ideas won. (Team with most unique ideas also won).
  • Six thinking hats
    • We used the 6 thinking hats technique in several ways.
    • First time: everyone had a specific hat, but had to work as a group to generate ideas.
    • Second time: the group wore one hat a time, but as a group. Most folks found this much easier.
  • Brainwriting
    • Everyone divide a sheet of paper into quarters. In section 1,they wrote their own brainstormed ideas. Then after 90 seconds they handed their paper to the person to their left. We repeated until all 4 sections had stuff in them.
    • This technique is a unique combo of solo and group creative thinking.
    • It works well for finding unexpected ideas – when you get your sheet back its often fascinating to try and connect all the ideas there with what you wrote in the first corner.
  • Idea Journals
    • While folks were working I took a peak in everyone’s idea journals.
    • The better journals were up to about 30-4o pages.
    • Your minimual goal should be an entry a day. Since you can write anything, I can’t imagine an excuse for not meeting this minimal bar.
    • Tip: Put the journal nearby when you’re watching tv, reading a book, etc. Make it easy to jot something down when you’re doing activity likely to give you something to think about.