• Assignment updates:
    • Paper: Offered one last chance for feedback on research paper ideas. Time is getting late as its due last week of class (now 12/6).
    • Pitches: You all should have watched your pitch videos by now. If you can’t access them (Or you have no clue what I’m talking about), let me know asap.
    • Pitch feedback: we handed out the feedback forms. if you weren’t there, ask for them next week.
  • Idea Killers
    • We listed statements often said that kill ideas in their tracks.
  • Group creativity index
    • A quick survey was given to the class asking questions about work environment.
    • Best score: 25. Worst score: 77. Average: 46.
    • We discussed factors that explain the wide variance in work environment quality.
  • Affinity / Wall of ideas
    • The big exercise for the class. We used post it notes and a wall as a way to explore ideas.
    • Everyone was asked to generate ideas for “Tactics that minimize (bad) politics”
    • Anyone could write an idea on a post it note, and place it on the wall.
    • When ideas were exhausted, we used different techniques for organizing ideas.