For the final pitch I’ll be using the following critieria:

  • Presentation: the performance of delivering the pitch. Body language, style, approach and the ability to let the pitchee focus on the ideas, rather distractions.
  • Clarity of thought. Does the pitch make clear points, and have have compelling arguments argument for action desired. A great pitch makes the idea or request make sense and hard to disagree with.
  • Conviction & Improv rules. Following the basic premise used in class of: 1) no half-assing and 2) no apologies. It’s important that the pitcher is committed to the pitch.
  • Effective use of the 120 seconds. Does the pacing of ideas, points, and pauses have a purpose? or does it feel rushed and have too much information to follow?

You may get an extra point for creavitiy: succesful use of a clever, original or humorous elements. But it’s not required.

Also review the reading how to pitch an idea, and the notes from the class on good pitches.

If you practice your pitch enough, you’ll do much better than the dry run. (Hint: if you still to read from paper, you haven’t practiced enough).